Rules of the Table

Be Engaged.

Pay attention, put the phone away, and be ready for your turn. If you want to surf the net or play Bejeweled, stay home and do so.

Ask questions and help your fellow gamers. Make sure everyone at the table has a chance to contribute.

Be Cooperative.

RPGs are collaborative games. Creating characters that cause you to constantly say “My character wouldn’t do that” when the action would help the group is counter-productive. Some intra-party conflict can be great RP opportunities, but there is a fine line between enhancing the game-play and hindering it.

Be Honest.

Don’t cheat. It really shouldn’t have to be said, be here it is. Sometimes bad rolls make the game more interesting. Roll the dice only when the DM asks for it and keep the roll in the open. Keep your character sheet up to date.

Rules of the Table

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