The Gates of Thralldom

Session 19

Prelude to the Finale

Our heroes planeshifted to Everkeep Harbor to regroup and heal. While there, they went to see Zerowyn and follow up on her research into the gates. She presents a Gate Crystal that she believes will cause unstable “Splooshes” out of the gates when activated. They will turn back in on themselves and destroy everything in a 50’ radius—perhaps even the gates themselves. At worst, a hefty blow to the Illithid’s plan, at best, the destruction of the gates making their plan impossible.

The party decides to go finish off the Elder Brain in the cavern and devise a plan. They planeshift in nearby, use Arcane Eye to scope out the situation, open an Arcane Gate right in front the the Stone Ring. Them Arthur, who was at another Gate, connected the two gates, causing the “sploosh” to travel through the Arcane Gate and obliterating the Elder Brain. With the Brain gone, the heroes mop up the other enemies. Sadly, they find the body of Kira Darkscale, her brain extracted.

Shortly after the battle, the metal Sphere the party has activates and Whispin’s face appears. He has arrived through the old temple gate and wants the party to join him.
He informs them that they are now working with the Githerzai to stop the Mind Flayers. Whispin has a plan to infiltrate the location of the Master Gate, which the Githerzai know the l;ocation of, but it involves something the PCs may not like…They have to die.

Whispin explains his idea to turn our heroes into Baelnorns—liches—in order to be invisible to the Elder Brains far reaching mental sensitivity. It still makes the mission very dangerous, but at least their presence wouldn’t immediately be known.

The party agrees in principle to the plan, but Whispin tells them the decision is ultimately up to the Elves. With that, the group travels back to Tammerland and deep into Elven lands. They travel to Castle Briar, a seemingly alive keep made of tree branches and roots and lorded over by G’Wairin Enderan.

G’Wairin takes them to a beautiful garden to meet one of the Seldarine—Elven Gods—for it is them whom create the Baelnorn. Mythrien Sarath, Elven god of protective magic, describes how very few Baelnorn have ever been created. But with the unprecedented situation that has arisen, the Seldarine have granted Whispin’s request—with one caveat. The Baelnorns’ souls will be placed in phylacteries as insurance that once the mission is complete, the heroes will come back and be restored to their mortal bodies.

And with that, Zeki jumps out of the Mind Flayer’s body and Mythrien disposes of the aberration. Then the ritual to create Baelnorns begins…


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