The Gates of Thralldom

Session 18

The battle against the Gnoll Mage continued and ended in victory for our heroes, though they were badly injured and battle-worn. They discovered two more obelisks off this chamber and activated them with jokes.

After heading back to the canyon, the group found another cave to the East. They discovered it was home to two behirs, which they slayed.

In another cave further to the south our heroes ran into another band of gnollos, whom they dispatched. But it was hear they also found a trapped boulder that was blocking another room. They dislodged the boulder and revealed a room with a stone gate as well as more gnolls and several Illithids. One of the Illithids looked different than the others, having much longer face tentacles.

As the battle begins, Zeki traps the long-tentacled Illithid’s soul in a gem and inhabits his body. The group uses this element of surprise to take out a large number of their enemies. However, the PCs are then surprised to learn the pool not only has tadpoles, but an Elder Brain. It lashed out with mental attacks and tentacles. The PCs end up retreating through teleportation to another plane.


thecabal thecabal

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