The Gates of Thralldom

Session 17

Our adventurers decided to explore a cave entrance to the west. The cave is dark, but they here footsteps approaching. The group tries to hide, but one party member is seen and battle ensues. It turns out to be a group of gnolls that were excavating in the cave. After defeating the gnolls, the party finds another obelisk room and a revently excavated door further to the west.

Through the newly created door, the party find a square room with a brazier in the center and a stone slab door and 4 plaques on the southern wall. Each plaque has a riddle on it. The party quickly solves all the puzzles and the stone slab slides open.

The party enters the next room to discover another gnoll warband. This one includes a leader of some sort and two large gnolls holding the leashes two giant hyenas apiece. The leader convulses and speaks words that do not appear to be his own. He informs the group he grows tiresome of them and that he will feast upon their brains. With that, battle ensues.

The leader attempts to Hold the adventurers but is thwarted. Arthur rushes the spellcaster while the giant hyenas are let loose. Zeki, seeing the situation may get out of control, puts up a Wall of Force that traps a gnoll and two of the giant hyenas.

Despite reducing the number of enemies to fight at once, the party finds the leader is quite powerful with both spells and sheer strength. Arthur’s attempts to trip him fail and the leader responds by unleashing massive amounts of damage. Arthur goes down, Zeki retreats into hiding, and Teela is currently in the grips of the leader gnoll…


thecabal thecabal

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