The Gates of Thralldom

Session 16

The adventurers decide to explore a cave to the west inside the canyon. The spot and skirt around an area of quicksand only to run into a cave dragon. They defeat the dragon and subsequently find several round rooms with an obsidian obelisk in them. The plinth has an image of a laughing mask and an inscription that reads “Tell Me a Joke.” The party tells some jokes and at one point the obelisk shimmers and the inscription disappears.

Heading further south in the canyon, the group comes to a ruin henge guarded by a large hyena-like fiend. He convulses and seems to be channeling someone else’s words. He accuses them of being the ones that have been giving him trouble and that he will enjoy seeing them die. With that, he attacks. Zeki ends up exiling him back to his own plane. However, Enzio gets surprised by a Sand Wrym hidden under the soil and it trapped by it’s cage-like spikes on its back. Zeki polymorphs Enzio into a T Rex to break him free and the group defeats the dragon.

THe Henge itself consists of 5 tall standing stones, each inscribed with an indecipherable script. A raven lands atop one of the standing stones and begins speaking. We learn a Dragon Born Warlock named Kira Darkscale is also exploring the canyon. She came here through investigating the Illithid after finding her sister, Nezira, dead from an Intellect Devourer. She is several hours further south of the party’s location, but she can see and speak through her raven, Majeus. The party agrees to allow the Raven to travel with them while Kira makes her way north to the party.


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