The World Map is divided into 6 miles hexes:


Desert 12
Forest (sparse) 14
Forest (medium16
Forest (dense) 18
Hills 14
Jungle 16
Moor 14
Mountains 16
Plains 12
Swamp 15
Tundra, frozen 12

Movement from hex is hex is considered from center point to center point, or 6 miles. This is an abstraction to prevent actually tracking exactly where the PCs are in a particular hex.
In all cases, the PC designated as the guide will roll a navigation check based on the predominant terrain type of the journey. A failed check can alter the results by 25% or 50% always rounded to nearest whole number.

Roles during Traveling

Guide: This PC is responsible for navigating during the journey. They will make the Navigation roll.
Scouts: If random encounters occur, the scouts will roll to either notice enemies or find locations.
Look-Outs: Look-outs stand watch when the party is on Long Rests.

There can be multiple scouts and Look-outs in a party, but only one Guide.


A watch is the basic unit for tracking time. A watch is equal to 4 hours.
Determine Time Within a Watch: To randomly generate a particular time within a watch, use 1d8 to determine the half hour and 1d30 to determine the exact minute (if necessary).

Speed and Distance

On Foot
1 Hour (Slow) .75 mile
1 Hour (Normal) 1.5 miles
1 Hour (Fast) 3 miles
1 Watch (4 Hours) Slow 3 miles
1 Watch (4 Hours) Normal 6 miles
1 Watch (4 Hours) Fast 12 miles
1 March ( 8 Hours) Slow 6 miles
1 March (8 Hours) Normal 12 miles

Consult the table for movement per hour, per watch (4 hours), or per day (8 hours). It assumes difficult terrain.

Slow: Characters moving slowly can still use stealth.
Fast: Characters moving Fast have a -5 penalty to passive Wisdom (perception) scores.

You cannot travel more than 4 (1 Watch) fast hours per day.

March: A character can march at normal speed for 8 hours between sleep cycles. You cannot March Fast.

Forced March: For each hour of marching beyond 8 hours, a character must make a Constitution check (DC 10, +1 per extra hour). If the check fails, the characters becomes Exhausted Level 1. Each failed check adds a level of Exhaustion. A Long Rest eliminates 1 level of Exhaustion.

Mounts: Mounts carrying riders in a forced march automatically fail their Constitution checks and suffer 1D6 damage. Mounts move at regular foot speed most of the time, though they can gallop for an hour, doubling the Fast movement speed.

Explore: This is a special mode where the PCs are not actively moving out of a hex, but are rather exploring the one they are in. The Explore action takes at least 4 hours (1 watch) and allows for an encounter roll. PCs also gain a +5 bonus to Passive Wisdom (Perception).


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