The Gates of Thralldom

Session 14

After defeating Ruknar, the adventurers search the rest of the goblin compound and then head deeper into the complex. They spot four lizardmen-like creatures hoisting a large metal kettle while a MInd Flayer supervises. Our heroes decide to attack. The din of battle attracts two more Illithid from another room from the south.

The Royal Seekers ably handle their opponents and then backtrack into a large, columned room. Here they find humanoids in various stages of ceremorphosis—the process of transforming into a Mind Flayer. Distracted by the strange sight, the group is attacked by an Invisible stalker. Our heroes dispatch the stalker and then kill the caged humanoids.

The adventurers head further south into a large cavern with a naturally occurring pool. This room contains a large detachment of lizard men and some Illithid. The Seekers engage in battle with them and overcome their enemies, but not before a Mind Flayer teleports out of the cavern.

The heroes realize the pool of water is teeming with thousands—possibly millions— of Illithid tadpoles. It appears they were breeding the tadpoles here and then transporting them in the large kettles to somewhere else. Zeki brings down lightning on the pool and kills all the tadpoles.

Continuing to the next room, the group finds a Stone Ring. THey note the address on the stone base and then use the Ring to transport to their home base in the abandoned temple.


thecabal thecabal

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