The Gates of Thralldom

Session 13

Arthur is confronted with a basilisk in the pit. The party makes quick work of it while they shake off its petrifying effect. They continue further south into the complex, meeting resistance from goblins and bugbears. The adventurers come to a prison area, but the goblins killed the prisoners before the heroes could get to them. Further south they come to what looks to be a “church” of the goblins. There are a horde of goblins listening to an apparent leader goblin. Battle ensues and the goblin regulars are dispatched. The leader goblin tries to strike a deal with the adventurers, but they strike him down instead.

Finally, at the end of the hall, the heroes face off against Ruknar, the Hobgoblin Chieftain of the Blood Moon goblins. Our heroes must battle his concubines and hobgoblin guards. Once they kill Ruknar himself, they realize he was being controlled by an intellect devourer. With quick thinking, Zeki turns it into a frog and throws it in their bag of devouring.


thecabal thecabal

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