The Gates of Thralldom

Session 12

Old Friends

The party’s rest was interrupted when they are attacked by the reconstituted skulls. They deal with them, leave the vault and close the door. The adventurers decide to head back to the ground floor to get to the staircase that leads into the goblin lair.

Upon reaching the first floor, however, the party is attacked by the Drow assassins whom they had clashed with before. They must have been able to track the party here. Our heroes manage to defeat the Drow and capture one for interrogation. All they can get out of him is that he was commanded by his Mistress to kill them. He is rather recalcitrant as he assumes he is dead either way—killed by the battle’s victors or his own Mistress. The party decides to let him go.

The adventurers once again head back down into the goblins’ lower level lair. They fight some more goblins as it appears they have discovered many of their numbers missing, including the gnoll emissaries. The heroes head down the southern hallway to where they know a pit exists, thanks to the use of Arcane Eye. Arthur, leading the way, springs a trap and is catapulted forward into the 30’ deep pit. As he stands up and dusts himself off, a large door in one wall of the pit begins to open…


thecabal thecabal

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