The Gates of Thralldom

Session 11

The Last of the Tuathans

The party decides to go south and fight the goblins. As there are two other doors out of this room, the party plans to block those doors so as to isolate the goblins from help or warning others. Oredoth moves to guard the east door. Zeki’ casts a web spell to block the west door and catch some goblins in it. Teela uses hail of thorns to damage several goblins. The party discovers that these goblins are stronger than goblins they had fought before. Never the less, the party was mowing the goblins down. Then Zeki’ decided to burn the web. Unfortunately, this allowed some goblins to escape to the west. Zeki’ cast another web spell to trap the goblins once again. Problem was that the goblins had moved around a corner and out of line of sight. Arthur waded into the web to try and reach the goblins. Because of the narrowness of the corridor, no one else could do the same. But, no matter; Arthur killed them before they got away. The party found a message on the goblins. It said something about the bleached skull tribe coordinating with the bloodmoon tribe to move the master’s cargo.

The party then checked out a door in the west corridor. The room was some type of armory. They found a secret door which led to a secret room. This room did not look like anyone had been there for a very long time. The party to the chance to rest. While there was some noise in the armory, the party’s rest was not disturbed. The party decided to go east and up some stairs. Oredoth activated a trap while climbing the stairs. It largely only affected him. The party came to the door leading to the court yard of the keep. They found another pair of doors locked and chained. They unlocked the door and chain. They entered the room prepared for a big fight. At first they just saw webs, Spiders they thought. They started shooting arrows with light on it to try and find the spiders up in the rafters. They also discovered that the webs did not burn. The spiders knew their craft and managed to surprise the party. Luckily there were only two. After some heroics from Arthur – climbing up into the rafters to kill one spider and then jumping down to severely wound another – the fight was soon over.

After searching through all the spider webs and finding just skeletons, the party moved upstairs. The party found three large bedrooms with the ghost of a young boy in one. Enzio persuaded the boy-ghost to answer the party’s questions. The boy-ghost told the party that this was the last outpost of Tuathian descent. He also said that there was a secret portal nearby. The party did find the boy’s parent’s remains and buried them in the courtyard under a tree. This brought peace and closure to the boy and his ghost left.

Finding the secret door was a major challenge. The party threw all the upstairs furniture into the main hall below. After much searching, a door was found leading down in the wall of the castle. Near the bottom, the party came upon a strange door. It had what appeared to be a wood replica of a demon’s head above it. It gave off a strange chant. While Maelen and Enzio were prepping Arthur to brave the mystical chant, Oredoth impetuously went forward to investigate. Oredoth froze with a blank stare on his face. Arthur just took a step around the corner and met the same fate inspite of all the protective spells. The rest of the party pulled Arthur back and was able to slap Arthur out of it. Zeki tried several ways to try and understand what this was without success. All this did was summon a fire elemental. As Oredoth was too far away to be rescued, the fire elemental set him ablaze and headed for the remainder of the party. Zeki turned the fire elemental into a toad and then had the brilliant idea to throw the toad down the bag of devouring. With some flame and a puff of smoke, fire elemental was gone. finally, Arthur smashed the wood replica which ended the chanting. Once awoken, Oredoth doused himself with water to put out the flames.

The party now opened the door to face three floating skeletal heads. The combined fire power of the party quickly ended this threat. The party decided that this was a good placed to rest after a long day of adventuring.


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