The Gates of Thralldom


The King is dead.

King Braydon Meadowstar II, after a long and prosperous reign, has died. Power has smoothly transitioned to his eldest son, Gratian, who is very much like his father. Kind, disciplined, and curious, King Gratian is destined to continue Tammerland’s era of peace and prosperity.

You are members of the Royal Seekers—a guild, of sorts, of the Court. Began by Braydon, the group’s myriad functions include exploration, trade, research, information gathering and spying—a catch-all organization whose purpose is to enhance the greater glory of the Kingdom and whose top members consult directly with the King. Due to its dizzying array of duties, the Retinue has a eclectic mix of personalities and backgrounds.

The most trusted and famed member of the Royal Seekers is Whispin, the Court Wizard. A master of magic, a tinkerer,and utterly brilliant—if not a little scatterbrained—Whispin is tirelessly researching ancient artifacts, experimenting with alchemical agents, researching the natural world and advising the King. He has excitedly called you to his Tower to show you his latest discovery.

Yet all is not well in Tammerland, as Gratian’s younger brother, the great general Hadran has arrived at the city behind a sizeable army. Hadran now claims he should be King as he is better suited for leadership. After all, The Kingdom would not still stand if not for his superior stewardship of the Royal army.

With the City on full-alert and prepared for invasion, you arrive at Whispin’s Tower laboratory…


thecabal thecabal

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